Villa La Magia

The Medici residence in Montalbano was renovated by Buontalenti


The Villa La Magia in Quarrata is one of the twelve Medici residences in Tuscany declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Originally a tower house belonging to the Panciatichi family from Pistoia in the 1300s, it passed to the Medici in 1583 when it was purchased by Grand Duke Francesco I and was renovated by the court architect Bernardo Buontalenti, who added an artificial lake meant for fishing and hunting wild ducks; the lake no longer exists today but it can be seen in the lunette pained by Giusto Utens in 1599.

La Magia was also used as a starting point for hunts in the nearby Barco Reale Mediceo, the Medici reserve around Montalbano. 

The Medici owned the property until 1645, after which it was owned by several families, like the Attavanti and Castelfiorentino, who created the Italian garden, with geometric hedges and the circular fountain, and had the interiors frescoed, while the Amati family built the limonaia and the Romantic-style park, with cypress and laurel oak woods.  

Finally, in 2000, La Magia was bought by the Municipality of Quarrata, which opened it to the public for guided visits and often hosts exhibitions, concerts and special events. 

A reflection of past history: agricultural production, craftsmanship and traditions
Quarrata is the economic and administrative centre of a territory that is divided into two areas that are geographically distinct from one another: the first extends over the northern slopes of the Montalbano; the second, on flat ground coincides with the central part of the Valle dell'Ombrone of Pistoia. ...