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Acquerino-Cantagallo Nature Reserve

Discover the nature reserve’s rich flora and fauna

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The Acquerino-Cantagallo Nature Reserve covers an area of 1726 hectares between Cantagallo and Montemurlo in the province of Prato and Sambuca Pistoiese in the province of Pistoia. Acquerino and the small river Limentra di Treppio mark the western boundary of the park. The north-western boundary is marked by Poggio al Saso, Poggio Acuto and Le Cavallaie, whereas to the south there is the Javello farm. The park runs east up to the ridge of mount Javello. The Apennine mountains within the reserve go from an altitude of 450m to 1204m.

Flora in the reserve
Chestnut trees dominate the reserve’s woods and along the many waterways there are willow trees, black alder trees and hazelnut trees.

Fauna in the reserve
The reserve has a rich and varied wildlife, in particular there are many deer and roe deer. There are also many predators such as the fox, stone martens, weasels, a few polecats and more important species whose numbers had been dwindling like the wolf and the wild cat. Visitors might spot several birds of prey like the buzzard as well as the peregrine falcon and many others during the migratory period.

How to get to the forest
Autolinee CAP coaches from Prato to Cantagallo
By car from S.Lucia take the SS 325 road to Mercatale di Vernio then follow the signs to Cantagallo. Go through Luicciana on the left and keep going until you reach Mulino della Sega. This is within the reserve’s boundaries.
Discovering pristine woods and majestic trees
What characterizes Cantagallo more than anything else is its panoramic, woodsy setting, abundant in charm and bursts of beech and chestnut trees. It is also home to classic conifers and mixed, forested stretches, along with more monument-esque examples of trees, too, such as the centuries-old Faggione di Luogomano (a large beech), the crown of which covers an astonishing surface of ...