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Museo naturalistico Centro Visitatori dell'Orecchiella

Summer in the mountains

A paradise for children

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When you think of the mountains, what image does your mind conjure up? Probably snow-capped winter peaks. But the mountains can also be enjoyed during the summer, out of the biting wind and bitter cold.

The mountains in summer are warm and beautiful, a paradise to explore and discover, especially for families. Children can take part in the numerous activities and initiatives planed to keep them entertained and outdoors all summer long.

All you need is a pair of comfortable shoes, a light backpack and a healthy dose of energy. The Garfagnana area, for example is a region with a lot to offer during the summer, with educational workshops on renewable energy, forest walks in the footsteps of wolves, and story tellers who recite the legends which have been handed down generation to generation.

The Orecchiella Park is also abundant with interesting nature. Here you can get to know a variety of animals which live in the park, such as deer, wild sheep and brown bears.

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The Garfagnana is rich in history and unspoiled nature—it is an area waiting to be discovered, located between the Apuan Alps and the Appennine Alps and traversed by the river Serchio. ...
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