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Summer in the mountains: a child’s paradise

Immerse yourself in nature, amidst easy trails and open-air museums

If you think of the mountains, you’re probably imagining being covered up to your eyes, perhaps with a pair of skis on your feet or snowballs in hand. But the Tuscan mountains aren’t just biting cold and steep trails, because even in the summer, you’re sure to find unforgettable experiences, especially for the whole family. Children can run free and cheerful, discovering many curiosities and exploring nature far from the chaos of the city.

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    Orecchiella Park in the Garfagnana
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    Montagna Pistoiese EcoMuseum
  • 3.
    Antro del Corchia in the Apuan Alps
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    Looking for wolves in Moggiona

Orecchiella Park in the Garfagnana

Orecchiella Park is located in the enchanting Garfagnana, an area that charms kids with its magical stories. Indeed, it’s said that fairies and sprites have long lived hidden in these mountains. If you’re not lucky enough to see them, don’t worry: you’ll still enjoy a day at the park, where you can come across animals that live in the nature reserve, like sheep, deer, wolves and bears. Children can take on the themed trails, like the Struscio, designed for searching for and studying traces of wild animals.

Not far away, you can also take a journey back in time at the Archeopark at the Veruccole Castle.

Montagna Pistoiese EcoMuseum

This diffused museum offers the chance to follow six themed trails that are designed for exploring the life of the locals in this part of the Apennines. Through educational gardens, paths and equipped workshops, children and adults can learn about iron working, historic ice production and other centuries-old crafts. At the Botanical Garden and Forest in Abetone, you can also immerse yourselves in nature and learn more about typical mountain and forest plants.

The ice house at the EcoMuseum
The ice house at the EcoMuseum - Credit: FB Ecomuseo della Montagna Pistoiese

Antro del Corchia in the Apuan Alps

The Antro del Corchia, in Levignani di Stazzema, is a fascinating underground trail that extends for two kilometres. You can access it via an abandoned marble quarry, immersing yourself in the galleries of this stunning cave. The trail is equipped with a steel walkway that winds past stalagmites and stalactites, canyons and ancient lakes. And of course, diving underground is an excellent way to avoid the summer heat, at least for a few hours.

Antro del Corchia
Antro del Corchia - Credit: FB Corkia Park

Looking for wolves in Moggiona

In the heart of the Foreste Casentinesi National Park, in the small mountain village of Moggiona, wolves roam the area, leaving traces of their activity. With this trail dedicated to the animal, you can discover how they live and move in the forest. If the wolves are too shy to come out into plain view while you wait in the observation huts, you can still hear anecdotes, stories and legends about them. The Wolf Trail is a fun and educational experience that you and your family are sure to find interesting.

The Wolf Trail
The Wolf Trail - Credit: FB proloco Moggiona

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