Strolling along the Etruscan Coast: Piombino and Populonia

Explore the local attractions and sample local specialties like baccalà, squid, octopus and cacciuco.

Piombino, Piazza Bovio
Piombino, Piazza Bovio - Credit: capoty
Archaeological Museum
Archaeological Museum - Credit: Paolo Biondi
Mosaico dei pesci
Mosaico dei pesci - Credit:
Populonia Archaeological Park
Populonia Archaeological Park - Credit: Allie_Caulfield
The view from the tower of Populonia
The view from the tower of Populonia - Credit: Allie_Caulfield
Golfo di Baratti
Golfo di Baratti - Credit: Photo Graphic Studio
Cala Moresca
Cala Moresca - Credit: C. D'Aliasi
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