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The view from the tower of Populonia

The Gasparri Etruscan Museum

Etruscan relics from the town and surrounding areas

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Housed in a building in the beautiful medieval village of Populonia, the Gasparri Museum showcases a range of relics taken from the land, the necropolis and the surrounding seaside. It is the oldest museum of the town.

The museum outlines local history through precious objects such as Corinthian vases, personal ornaments, bronze and lead containers, black painted ceramics, funerary urns, sarcophagi, anchors and terracotta vases.

There's also a tomb found in the sand near the beach of Baratti, with the skeleton of a slave coming from Africa. Though lacking in equipment and dating features, it can be related to a period before the 4th century BCE. The bones belonged to an adult male, aged between 35 and 44 years, 173 cm tall.

Though the most important part of the collection was stolen, the gallery still boasts nearly 2,000 Etruscan pieces including vases, iron and lead candelabras, pitchers, glasses and decorative pins.

Info: periploturismoecultura.it

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