The Gasparri Etruscan Museum

Etruscan relics from the city and surrounding areas


Housed in a building found in a beautiful medieval village, the private Gasparri collection offers the possibility of visiting a range of relics from the city, necropolis and Populonia seaside. The museum outlines local history through precious objects such as Corinthian vases, personal ornaments, bronze and lead containers, black painted ceramics, funerary urns, sarcophagi, amphorae and anchors. Though the most important part of the collection was stolen, the gallery still boasts nearly 2,000 Etruscan pieces including vases, iron and lead candelabras, pitchers, glasses and decorative pins.

For information: Museo Populonia - collezione Gasparri

Source: Costa degli Etruschi Tourist Information Office

Cover image credit: Allie_Caulfield

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