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Photo © Benedetta Perissi
Photo © Benedetta Perissi

Buca delle Fate

Naturalistic attractions

Among the Mediterranean scrub and the cliffs that overlooking the sea, you'll find enchanting songs and one of the most beautiful bays in Tuscany

Sheer, rocky cliffs emerge from crystal-clear waters, characterising the beautiful Etruscan Coast. Here, you'll find a small cove known as the Buca delle Fate (Gulf of the Sirens) along the jagged coastline, offering one of the most beautiful sea views in Tuscany. It's a small hidden paradise adorned with rocks carved by sea, the wind and the sweet songs of sirens. Legend has it that the waters in this bay were once inhabited by these bewitching mythical creatures. With their melodious singing, they lured in fishermen who were never to be seen on land again (a myth from which the bay’s evocative name derives).

A place imbued with history and charm, it's located near the historical Estruscan village of Populonia in Piombino, which can be reached by a short trek of about 20 minutes immersed in a beautiful holm oak wood and typical Mediterranean vegetation. You can start this route at Il Reciso, just under a kilometre from Populonia Alta, departing near a car park where you also leave your car. From here, you’ll find the beginning of a dirt road with signs indicating the various paths, including the CAI 301 road for Buca delle Fate which turns right at the fork and runs alongside the car park for a short distance. The route of naturalistic and archaeological interest hides some Etruscan remains such as the underground chamber tombs of a necropolis built between the end of the 3rd and 2nd centuries BC. A few steps later and the breathtaking views of the sea and coast let you know that you have arrived at Buca delle Fate.

Sunset at Buca delle Fate
Sunset at Buca delle Fate - Credit: Benedetta Perissi

As intimate as it is charming, it’s ideal for a day of relaxation, sublime sunsets and gentle melodies coming from the sea—who knows whether they originate from the waves or from some strange legendary creature.


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