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Hen parties in Tuscany: some ideas

So your best friend has just told you she’s going to get married and she wants you to organize her hen party… Don’t panic! If you’re coming to Tuscany, there are plenty of things to do to make the event truly unforgettable. Here is a list of things that you can do for every budget in Tuscany and some generic do’s & don’t when organizing a hen party.
Hen party [Photo Credits: Nico Galasso]
Hen party [Photo Credits: Nico Galasso]
There are many fun activities to do with the "future wife" and her other friends. Here are our suggestions:
  1. For girls who love to relax, pamper yourselves with a spa weekend. You can make the most of promotions and special offers on treatments, massages, mud baths and so on. There’s plenty of choice in Tuscany, land of many spa towns. Read more here and here.
  2. For ladies who love greenery & a slow life, why not head for a farm? The key is to create a peaceful atmosphere, somewhere you can enjoy nature, go horse riding, splash around in the pool and enjoy the local flavours. In other words, recharge your batteries before the “big day”. Here is a list of farm holidays in Tuscany.
  3. For girls who love nightlife, a tour in the area of Tuscany called Versilia is perfect. Start the day on the beach and continue with drinks and dancing at one of the famous clubs.
  4. For the girls who love art, a visit to a medieval town or a charming village in Tuscany would be a great idea. You can walk through the historic centre, admiring churches, museums and works of art, taking pictures in every corner as memories of the day!
  5. For those who choose fashion as a lifestyle, a day dedicated to shopping in the boutiques of Tuscany is perfect, maybe followed by an aperitif before going home with your purchases of the day.
Tuscan spa
Tuscan spa
What is your idea of a perfect hen party? Do’s & don’t when organizing a hen party: general information Best friends in charge of organizing a hen party have the major responsibility of making the bride happy by choosing something that meets her tastes. First of all, don’t be shy! Ask your bride-to-be specific questions about what she would like to do (and what she doesn’t want to do!). Ask the other bridesmaids to help you with the organization and swap phone numbers. The second thing to do is set a budget. Be honest. If your budget is low, tell the other bridesmaids. Having set the budget, share the organizational tasks with the other girls. Always remember that the hen party should be fun and not embarrassing for the bride-to-be. Last but not least, another piece of advice: a hen party is a personal thing. Pamper the bride-to-be with details that she’ll love.   [Italian version by Marta Mancini on Diari Toscani]