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Cala Violina
Photo ©Stefano Cannas - Visit Tuscany Social media team

Cala Violina: a summer paradise on the Tuscan coast

A paradise boasting spectacular clear waters and white sand in the Tuscan Maremma

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Cala Violina is situated in the Gulf of Follonica, the Bandite di Scarlino Nature Reserve and the Coast of Scarlino Protected Natural Area of Local Interest: it is one of the most beautiful beaches in southern Tuscany. Cala Violina is part of the municipality of Scarlino, in the province of Grosseto.

Cala Violina (“cala” is the italian for cove) is a public beach in the shape of a half-moon, offering white sand and crystal-clear water. The blueness of the water and the whiteness of the sand, combined with the greenery of the woods, provide a sublime image. The water is so clear that you can see each grain of sand, each little fish that swims around your feet.

Cala Violina
Cala Violina

The name comes from a local legend whereby the sand emits a sound when you walk upon it, reminiscent of a violin melody. This is only possible in the winter, because the beach gets quite crowded during the summer, especially at weekends. Due to the huge influx and to the fact that the cove is not very big, we suggest that you get to Cala Violina early in the morning. In fact, there is a limited parking space: once it fills up you can’t access the beach.

Road to Cala Violina
Road to Cala Violina

The beach is only accessible on foot, by bike or on horseback. You must leave your car or motorbike in the pay-and-display parking area, pay at the kiosk on arrival and walk for about 2 kilometres along the path immersed in the Mediterranean vegetation in the heart of the Bandite di Scarlino Nature Reserve.

There are no bars, except for a track with coffee, sandwiches and cold drinks, and no bathing establishment, so make sure you come well-prepared. It is also a good spot for families (if your children don’t mind a good walk!), the water is shallow near the shore and also there is a shaded picnic area above the cove.

Road to Cala Violina
Road to Cala Violina

Not only the cove itself, but also the views are super: in front of you there’s Elba Island on the Tyrrhenian Sea; on the right there is Punta Francese, which divides Cala Violina from Cala Martina; on the left there’s Punta Le Canne, which divides Cala Violina from Cala Civetta. On this side there is also Punta Ala.

How to reach Cala Violina

Access to Cala Violina is from the car park at the end of a dirt road on the SS322 between Marina di Scarlino and Pian d'Alma. There are signs so it's easy to see the entrance. If you go there in July you'll see a sea of sunflowers... just amazing!

Once parked, there are two possibilities: a footpath through the vegetation and a track that only medical aiders and gamekeepers can use with their ambulances and jeeps. Follow the “Cala Violina” signs. Along the path you will find signs providing information about the vegetation and animals living in this area. At the end of the footpath there are two paths leading down to the beach.

You can also get there from the rocky cove of Cala Martina and continue for about 2 kilometres to Cala Violina. The whole path is about 4 kilometres long.

This article was originally written by Oriana Papadopoulos.