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Rocca Pisana in Scarlino

Historical Buildings

The captivating ruins of the old Aldobrandesco castle, a historic fortress that overlooks the beautiful Maremma landscape

Overlooking the valley with the Colline Metallifere on one side and the Maremma on the other, an imposing fortress towers over the Grosseto area. The Rocca Aldobrandesca di Scarlino, better known as Rocca Pisana or Castello di Scarlino, stands tall above the village of the same name.

The ruins, thanks to restoration work carried out in the late 20th century, are in good condition despite a long decay period. They bear witness to the former glories of the castle, built as a lookout tower for defensive purposes, due to its elevated position from which the view sweeps as far as the coast and the surrounding plains.

The fortress was constructed during the Middle Ages at the behest of the powerful Aldobrandeschi family, later passed down into the hands of the Pisani, but its roots go back much further. Archaeological finds unearthed during excavations, including the famous Scarlino treasure, preserved and displayed in the Riccardo Francovich Centre for the Documentation of the Territory, show that the foundations of the fortress were inhabited even in prehistoric times, from the late Bronze Age.

To this day, the historic castle looks the same, with three towers placed at the corners of the walls of varying heights, each of a different shape: one round, one triangular, one quadrangular, and the base in an irregular pentagonal shape. 

A grandiose structure of high historical value, sometimes an exceptional stage for summer events, surrounded by the untouched landscapes of the Grosseto countryside and Scarlino. Its coastline, beautiful coves and hinterland are full of attractions, excellent food and wine, and offer outdoor activities as well as water sports.