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Wedding and romantic in Tuscany - top

Top 5 romantic things to do in Tuscany with your partner

Here’s a list of the top 5 things to do in Tuscany in order to make your boy-girlfriend totally fall in love with you or ask you to get married!

Book a room or a flat in a castle in Tuscany

Meleto Castle
Meleto Castle - Credit: Vignaccia76

Wait for the sunset along the beach

Sunset in Capraia
Sunset in Capraia - Credit: Giandomenico Jardella

Spend a day with your partner in the natural hot springs

Saturnia thermal baths
Saturnia thermal baths - Credit: Toscana Promozione Turistica

Wonder throughout the countryside of Chianti and Valdorcia

Chianti hills
Chianti hills - Credit: Antonio Cinotti Segui

The old charm of a medieval village

Lucignano, Arezzo's area
Lucignano, Arezzo's area - Credit: Provincia di Arezzo
Romantic and Wedding
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Romantic and Wedding
Tuscany is like heaven for food, nature and art town admirers. But it’s also the perfect location for couples and wedding celebrations.  continue...
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