The Medici palace of Seravezza

The villa is home to the Museum of Popular Traditions of Versilia


Palazzo di Seravezza is a Medici villa that Cosimo I had built from 1560 to 1564 as an outpost in Versilia, an area that was hotly debated among Florence, Lucca, Pisa and Genoa, mostly because of its marble quarries.

The villa presents itself as a fortified palace, which served as a resting place for the Grand Duke, but that could turn into a defensive military structure if needed, given its solid structure.


Today, the palazzo is home to the public library and the Museum of Work and Popular Traditions of Historic Versilia, home to objects, instruments and furnishings that stem from some complex research, collection and documentation that took place in the early Seventies. The Medici palace, with its beautiful lawn in front and the Apuan Alps behind, often hosts important modern and contemporary art exhibitions.

For information and opening hours: www.palazzomediceo.com


Passageway to the Apuan Alps
Corvaia and Vallecchia are the names of the two noble families that most influenced Seravezza’s medieval history, even if the history of the Versilia city dates back to Roman times when it was part of a large scale draining projec The fall of the Roman Empire brought decline to the town that had its rebirth during the Middle Ages; it won its independence in 1515. ...