The Medici Palace of Seravezza

The villa is home to the Museum of Work and Folk Traditions of Historical Versilia


The Palace of Seravezza is a Medici residence commissioned by Cosimo I between 1560 and 1564 to function as a military outpost in Versilia, a highly contested territory among Florence, Lucca, Pisa and Genoa, mainly for its marble quarries.

The villa is a fortified palace that served primarily as the Grand Duke's vacation spot. However, as indicated by its robust makeup, it would transform into a defensive military structure when necessary.


Today it’s home to a public library and the Museum of Work and Folk Traditions of Historical Versilia, where you’ll find a number of objects, instruments and furnishings, the result of extensive research, collection and documentation in the early 1970s. The Medici Palace, vaunting a spectacular front lawn and the Apuan Alps in the distance, often hosts a number of important modern and contemporary art exhibits.  

For information and opening hours, please visit www.palazzomediceo.com