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The church of San Leopoldo

A beautiful building at high altitude

Via Brennero, 163
The church of San Leopoldo was built following the construction of the main road to Modena in the late 18th century. Its name was given by local Bishop Scipione de' Ricci in San Leopoldo, as a tribute to the Grand Duke of Tuscany, Pietro Leopoldo.It is a very traditional building located above 1000 metres in altitude. The building was designed by Florentine architect Bernardo Fallani.

Its location and construction was dictated by the opening of the Via Regia Modenese, which better connected the area to northern Italy and Europe. Soon after the road was inaugurated, a new residential settlement was formed. The San Leopoldo Church features a horizontal facade with two rectangular windows and a beautiful entranceway. In the apse, you can admire the squared bell tower.

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