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Communications Museum in Arezzo

The history of communication methods narrated through writing, sound and images

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Via Ricasoli, 22, 52100 Arezzo AR, Italia

The Communications Museum is located in Arezzo, inside the town hall. The exhibition traces the evolution of communication systems up to tools we use today.

Following the theme of writing, sound and image, visitors can see highly valuable objects from both a historic and social point of view: amongst the many pieces, there are microphones of all kinds, headphones, record players, gramophones, telephones, telegraphs and a curious reproduction of the wireless room on the Titanic. The museum also focuses on newspapers, cinema and television, with a remarkable and priceless donation by Rai in Torino.

This journey through history ends, leaving the visitor free to imagine the future of these methods of communication, which are in constant evolution, with a visit to the auditorium, where an “immersive” short film is played, a holographic projection that’s sure to wow visitors.  

Info: museocomunicazione.it


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