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Malaspina Castle in Massa


The historic fortification dominates the city from above

The Malaspina Castle is a medieval fortress that dominates over the city of Massa from atop a rocky hill on the slopes of the Apuan Alps.

A fortification in the high plain already existed in the Middle Ages, built by the Marquises of Massa, but the first written record about the castle dates to the 12th century.

In the 15th century, Massa passed under the control of the Malaspina Marquises from Fosdinovo, who transformed the castle into a residence, carrying out important building interventions, including modernizing its defensive elements, only finishing the work in the 17th century.

At the end of the 19th century, the complex was definitively transformed into a prison and was used as such until 1946.

Today, following a restoration, the castle is divided into three distinct parts: the imposing defense walls – equipped with bastions, walkways and rooms for the artillery – the residence and the keep.

The residential part is very interesting, which sits around an elegant internal courtyard and is home to impressive frescoes in both the interior rooms and on the façade.

Istituto Valorizzazione Castelli
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