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Museum Gigi Guadagnucci


The Museum was inaugurated in 2015, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the sculptor's birth

The Museum Gigi Guadagnucci in Massa is dedicated to the great sculptor, born there but who was later educated in France, where he lived for a long period of his life. It is one of the greatest marble masters of the 20th century, whose long artistic journey can be explored by visitors inside the museum thanks to the many works kept here.

Guadagnucci's sculptures were given to the City of Massa by himself and his wife, with the specific goal of establishing an exhibition space that would contain a significant selection of all his production.

The museum is housed on the ground floor and basement of the 17th-century Villa of the Rinchiostra, surrounded by a beautiful park and chosen back when Guadagnucci was still alive: the latter believed that opening a museum could be the basis for transforming the villa into a hub dedicated to contemporary art.

Gigi Guadagnucci's works were made between 1957 and 2005; most of them are characterized by the virtuosity with which the artist treats the material (mainly marble, but also bardiglio, limestone, onyx and travertine). Several themes have been touched upon in the course of his production: nature, one’s homeland, eros, the heavenly stars. The itinerary in Guadagnucci's collection is intended to specifically document the heterogeneity of his artistic life, the expressive power of his sculpture, the extraordinary qualities of his workmanship, and the outcomes of his research that move on the border between abstract and figurative.