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Fantiscritti Quarry Museum


Memory and remembrance of ancient quarrymen

The Fantiscritti Quarry Museum is located in the heart of Carrara's marble quarries. The open-air Museum was inaugurated in 1987 and is set in a scenic landscape surrounded by white, which makes this place unique. In fact, it is not a quarry, but rather a testimony that describes the work in the quarries and the social condition of the workers, while at the same time telling us the story of a material that has always been considered a great Italian excellence: the marble of Carrara.

The Fantiscritti Quarries were already known in Roman times: a bas-relief found here depicting three deities (three "knaves") with inscriptions at the bottom ("writings") dates back to the 3rd century A.D., giving this site its name.

Inside, visitors can admire life-size sculptures depicting the ancient trade of the quarryman and how the workers and their families lived, tracing a history dating back thousands of years to 1960. Also reproduced is the workers' house, a humble type of dwelling in which the quarrymen lived, whose only "treasure" consisted of the "hobnailed boots" used during marble extraction work.

Cava Museo Fantiscritti
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