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Crete Senesi Life Park

Naturalistic attractions

A widespread park crossed by paths and dirt roads that explore a clay and hilly landscape

The Crete Senesi Life Park is a natural area that spreads into the territory of Asciano, a "widespread park" characterized by gentle clay hills where winding dirt roads create curves and interesting shapes.

The park is crossed by numerous markedpaths and routes, linear paths and ring-routes, none of which feature any particular hiking difficulties. In some sections, the itineraries cross the historical path of the Via Lauretana or the Eroica cycling route and Dirt Roads.
Of the four main routes, two start in Asciano from where you can immerse yourself in the elevations of the Crete Senesi and discover the most fascinating places, such as the medieval tower of Montalceto (route no. 1) or admire a breathtaking panorama that opens up just outside the village of Asciano, and then re-enter the old town and appreciate its historic monuments and the splendid Palazzo Corboli Museum (route no. 2).
A third itinerary leads you instead to discover the magnificient Geosite of the Biancane di Leonina (of which we can also undertake the Nature Trail), and by taking a small detour, reach the Site Transitoire, a famous open air work by Jean-Paul Philippe.
The fourth itinerary, finally, starts from the inhabited center of Arbia and with a ring route  explores the Biancane in Camposodo, before returning to the starting point.

Site Transitoire, Asciano
Site Transitoire, Asciano

Crete Senesi Life Park reveals itself in an ever new light, changing its appearance as the seasons change. It's green in spring, barren and harsh in some parts, dazzling under the summer sun, and almost mystical when the winter mist blurs the lines of the horizon.

The itineraries of the park are compiled and presented in this brochure (in Italian): for each route, the distance, level of difficulty and travel time are given.

Crete Senesi Life Park
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