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Poggio alla Regina with view of Mount Acuto - Reggello
Photo © Katia Boccanera
Photo © Katia Boccanera

Castle of Castiglione della Corte

Historical Buildings

Reggello is home to an ancient manor house, today in ruins and also known as Poggio alla Reggina

In the municipal area of Reggello, in the hills of the Valdarno and beyond the Vallombrosa forest, are present a series of medieval castles, among which Castle of Castiglione della Corte. The centuries-old manor house, 913 metres above sea level, is today in ruins, but it’s a classic example of an 11th-century fortification.

The castle, also known as Poggio alla Regina, is located in a strategic position that dominates over the Valdisieve, the Casentino, part of the Florentine hills and the Upper Valdarno. This latter area was at the center of conflicts between the Guelphs and the Ghibellines in the 13th century, wars that were resolved with Florence conquering and subjugating the area. The castle gradually began to lose importance and was slowly abandoned.

Experiments and archeological digs carried out starting in 1993 have revealed previous early medieval and Etruscan settlements as well as five architectural elements: part of the defense wall, access to the south side of the castle, the keep, a well and some living quarters, all of which are anthropologically important.
Poggio alla Regina is also a place known for its legends. Its very name can be traced to a noblewoman that everyone called “the queen” (regina) and who was locked in the castle’s tower.

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