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Masaccio Museum in Reggello


In the Parish Church of San Pietro in Cascia, the splendid San Giovenale Triptych

The Masaccio Museum in Reggello is located in a historic setting next to the Parish Church of San Pietro in Cascia, a masterpiece of Tuscan Romanesque architecture. This is where you can see the San Giovenale Triptych, an early work by Masaccio, painted in 1422 when the Renaissance artist was just 20 years old.

The work was discovered in 1961 by Luciano Berti in the small church of San Giovenale, not far from Cascia, and was moved to the parish for conservation reasons in 1988. The museum also holds paintings by the Ghirlandaio school, Santi di Tito, Alessandro Allori, Jacopo Vignali and Ignazio Hugford, as well as a series of beautiful gold-work and liturgical objects.

Masaccio Museum
Masaccio Museum

The Masaccio Museum also conserves paintings, furnishings, vestments, sculptures and gold-work of important historical and artistic interest coming from the parish and other churches in the area around Reggello.

One room, decorated with period furniture to look like the study of a parish priest, is dedicated to the history of the parish church, with documents, photographs and a beautiful series of portraits of the parish priests between the 17th and 19th centuries.


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