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Without barriers at Versilia beaches

Accessible beach services fro the Versilia to the Etruscan Coast

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The Etruscan Coast area boasts waters classified as “blue flag” and “four sails” by Legambiente Italian environmental association. The entire area is considered “accessible” and can be used by the elderly and families with children in strollers.

From Forte di Marina di Castagneto Carducci to the small town of Seggio, the city administration has placed various access points for people with motor disabilities to access the public beach. In addition, they have created parking areas and added services and amenities like job chairs.

In the former Club Med area, the beach is accessible for people in wheelchairs and is equipped with accessible bathrooms. Another accessible beach is located in the parking lot in Forte di Marina, also equipped with accessible bathrooms. Between Forte and Piazza Magellano, in the area in which there is a large parking lot there are two special access routes for the public beach, one of which, besides offering accessible bathrooms, is equipped with a shower and job chair. In the Le Dune area there is an accessible beach equipped with bathrooms and a shower. In the small town of Seggio, there is a beach with a job chair.

The boardwalk is completely flat with a large sidewalk easily navigated in a wheelchair. Along the coastline down to Piazza Magellan there are numerous shops, restaurants and foods stores, beachfront hotels with accessible rooms and bathrooms, as well as the Bel Mare camp site located very near the accessible beaches.

The Shangri beach club in Marina di Castagneto Carducci in Piazza Magellano is completely accessible for those in wheelchairs, boasts job chairs and a series of footbridges that run from the umbrellas down to the water’s edge. This facilitates walking on the beach and reaching various points along the shoreline. The restaurant is accessible as well. For more information: Tel. +39 0565 744058.

In Versilia, the Bagno Balena 2000 in Viareggio offers two umbrellas and chairs reserved for people with motor disabilities, a 25 meter pool with heated seawater and an Olympic sized pool. The beachside business offers a number of services including a gym, wellness area, showers and bathrooms (all completely accessible).

The Balena 2000 has job chairs that can be used both in the pool and in the sea. An individual in a wheelchair who might have difficulty on his/her own should bring an assistant to help them over the access borders, which are quite high.

For more information:
Tel. +39 0584 44045
(Source: Tourism without barriers)
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