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Chianciano Terme

Making the Val di Chiana and Val d'Orcia accessible to everyone

Suggestions for discovering the Terre di Siena without barriers

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Touring ideas for everyone that take advantage of the five senses to overcome every barrier, including disabilities, and which highlight the full potential of this region.

It's called "Tuttituristi" (or All Tourists) and is the latest project of the Chianciano Terme Val di Chiana Tourist Information Office. It aims to make the natural riches, artistic masterpieces and gastronomy of the Terre di Siena the heritage of everyone: a range of packages and travel ideas which offer a variety of ways to read the territory and which pay special attention to the needs of people with disabilities.

For example "History at the touch of your hand - the magic of the Etruscans" which is aimed at travellers who are blind or partially sighted. This tours brings you to a few of the Sienese museums which are at the avantguarde of accessibility programming. The first stop is the Town Museum of Acque di Chianciano Terme, where touch diagrams allow you to "touch with your hands" the numerous Etruscan and Roman artifacts in the collection. The next stop is the Palazzo Grisaldi del Taja in Buonconvento where an olfactory museum tour entitled "Don't Touch" outlines best practice for creating accessible cultural institutions.

The senes play a central role in the package "Praise to Flavour - Enogastronomic Tours" an invitation to rediscover the pleasures of eating healthily and slowly. Some of the Terre di Siena's best products are protagonists, including Pecorino from Pienza (you can follow the phases of its making), Cinta Senese pork, Rhubarb from Chianciano Terme, and Brunello, with tastings at a famous Montalcino cellar.

Montepulciano is made more accessible by the new chair lifts which have been installed next to the tourist bust station in Via delle Lettere and which go up to the Poggiofanti Garden, the first outpost of the Renaissance in the historic centre.

A sensory experience is also at the heart of a package dedicated to terracotta. The tour guides you through the artefacts, artworks and everyday objects which are held in the the local collections. Beginning with the Town Museum of Prehistory in Monte Cetona you can attend the workshop, "The beginnings of terracotta" which illustrates the techniques used in pre-history for making objects out of terracotta through practical activities. The Terracotta Museum in Petroio near Montepulciano holds glazed terracotta masterpieces by the Della Robbia family, and the tour ends in Chiusi with a look at the restoration techniques for terracotta at the Civic Museum.

The Renaissance art of the area around Siena is the focus, on the other hand, of an intinerary which visits the most significant collections for this period, including Pienza, the ideal town of Pope Pius II, and Chiusi, an Etruscan jewel, as well as the thermal baths which were best known in the Renaissance.

The thermal baths, and their curative powers, are the focus of "The waters of Chianciano Terme - an elixir for a long life" and "Everyone in shape - Water is a source of health": twelve days of relaxation and care for those who want to experience the beneficial effects of hydroponic therapy and mud therapy.

After history, art, and food, there is the nature packet with a focus on horse therapy, an opportunity to combine the benefits of contact with horses with an exploration of some of the most beautiful corners of this territory, like the natural reserve at Lucciolabella, Pietraporciano, or Lake Montepulciano.

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