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Laguna di Orbetello

Grosseto Marina, accessible beaches

Seaside amenities for families and the disabled

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The Moreno Beach club in Marina di Grosseto offers various services to people with motor and visual disabilities including a Braille table and touch map of the club, touch symbols of the restrooms, all in the process of being enlarged. 

The beach club has a series of walkways for umbrellas with a large area for wheelchairs that permit people with disabilities to move around comfortably while on the beach. The club also offers two job chairs and a pushchair for facilitating use of the shower. Personnel are on hand to assist clients at all times. 
The area is especially accessible for parents and children, the elderly and the blind. 

For information about regulations and reservations, contact:
Tel: +39 0564 488 861/860/473 
Moreno Beach
Tel. +39 0564 34176