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Villa Basilica
Photo ©Comune di Villa Basilica

Villa Basilica

A territory rich in natural beauties in the green of the Lucca hills

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Villa Basilica is a town immersed in the green hills of Lucca, in the valley of the Pescia River, on the boundary with the province of Pistoia. The name of the place probably derives from an oratory or a chapel that was present at the time of its foundation. Villa Basilica is mentioned for the first time in an ancient document dated 774, and was under the jurisdiction of the powerful Bishop of Lucca that kept control until the end of the XII century. The most beautiful and interesting monuments to visit are the Town Hall, the Rectory Building and Palazzo Biscotti, the residence of the famous dynasty of sword makers. Since medieval times in fact Villa Basilica was inhabited by many armouries and even Cosimo de’ Medici purchased the precious swords created by the Biscotti house.

Also not to be missed is the Parish of St. Mary of the Assumption that dates back to the XII century and conserves among its works a 13th century Crucifix attributed to Berlinghiero Berlinghieri. Visiting the territory of Villa Basilica you have to take a tour of the Pizzone: these are high grounds of large fields and suggestive views that bound the Lucca plains, where beautiful villas were built during the Renaissance.
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