Sanctuary of Montenero


Between popular history and legend

The scenic hill village of Montenero, already famous with tourists in the eighteenth century due to the enchanting scenery, owns its name to its outline, which from far away appears dark and gloomy (nero). Only about 10 kilometers from the city of Livorno, is the home of one of the most important Sanctuaries of Italy, dedicated to Maria delle Grazie, Patron Saint of Tuscany.

Build to celebrate a miracle performed by the Virgin Mary at the bottom of the hill, the Sanctuary of Montenero has made this a special pilgrimage place, which shows the deep sense of faith and religious worship so typical of sea populations such as, of course, the inhabitants of Livorno.

The Sanctuary can also be reached by means of a cable railway leaving from Piazza delle Carrozze, so named because here wealthy tourists of the past used to park their vehicles. In the lateral chapels of the Sanctuary, accessible through the sacristy, a long “ex-votive” gallery, mainly relating to the devotees of Maria provides a clear evidence of the devotion of people.

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