Marina di Pisa

Marina di Pisa

Paradise on the Pisan coast

The Viale D’Annunzio, the road that skirts the left bank of the Arno, leads from Pisa to Marina di Pisa, originally founded as a seaside resort in the latter half of the 19th century, even though the area had previously been inhabited by fishermen.

Marina di Pisa is set in wonderful scenery: the curved shoreline of San Rossore Estate and the outline of the Apuan Alps, with the horizon that seems to dive right into the blue waters of the sea.  
The urban fabric of Marina di Pisa features many Art Nouveau buildings overlooking large squares looking out to sea and backed by pine woods.

The small sandy or pebbly beaches are protected from sea storms by strong breaker rocks; proceeding south, the beaches become wider and well equipped with bathing establishments and tourist facilities.

There are numerous mooring options with nautical support centres at the mouth of the river, known as “Bocca d’Arno”, and along its banks.

The town offers a peaceful and comfortable stay and a wide choice of leisure pursuits ranging from the coolest discos to beach pubs, from excursions on foot to horse rides through the pine forest and to motor boat outings to the Cinque Terre and the islands of Capraia and Elba.

A redevelopment project is under way at the mouth of the Arno in a disused industrial area where a marina and a new residential district  with green spaces and accommodation facilities will be built in the years to come.
Calambrone, litorale pisano

Pisan Coast

Beaches and nature, a dream vacation
The Pisan coast is the main outlet to the sea towns of Pisa, San Giuliano Terme and Vecchiano, which includes the rich coast of the pristine Tyrrhenian beaches. ...