From under Monte Capanne rises this charming village, the oldest on Elba Island

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Marciana is situated on the slopes of Mount Capanne on the west side of the Island of Elba at 375 meters above sea level. It is one of the most ancient settlements on the island, its foundations dating back to 35 BC.
The Archaeological Museum in Marciana gives evidence to its very ancient past.
The vegetation is rich: there are ilexes, pine and chestnut trees. The cool, fresh climate gives this land a mountain atmosphere although the sea is only 5 km away. There are excursions to Mount Capanne on foot or with the cableway just outside the town.
Just 3 km from Marciana is the Poggio Terme: here there is a spring of water low in mineral content that has curative properties. The Marciana area is covered with vineyards that produce an excellent wine.
The Commune of Marciana also administrates the hamlets of Procchio, Chiessi, Sant'Andrea, Patresi and Pomonte.

Poggio Terme
This small village is situated at 350 meters above sea level and has maintained its medieval appearance. Woods of chestnut trees and ilexes surround it. Not far from the township is a thermal spring, named "Napoleon's Spring" after the Emperor who also frequented it during his stay on the island. These waters are particularly known to cure hyperuricemia and calculosis, and although the official acknowledgement of its curative properties was given only at the end of the 1940s, these properties were known for centuries. Today, although there is a bottling plant, you may still get the water freely from a nearby fountain.
Archaeological Museum
The museum contains finds dating from prehistoric and protohistoric, which were found on Elba Island. Particularly interesting are the many artifacts dating from the Etruscan and Roman periods.
Church of San Cerbone
This Church lies along the road that connects Poggio to Mount Capanne. It was built in honor of Saint Cerbone, who retired here from Populonia to escape the Longobard persecution during the 6th century.
Church of San Lorenzo
This Romanesque country church is on the old road connecting Marciana to Marciana Marina. It was destroyed by the Turks in 1554 and is today a national monument.
The Fortress of Marciana
The Fortress is situated in the higher part of the village and its construction dates back to the period of the Republic of Pisa. It was used by the inhabitants as a refuge from pirate raids.
Sanctuary of Madonna del Monte
The Sanctuary of Madonna del Monte is on the northern side of Mount Giove, 627 meters above sea level. A religious place as early as 1300, the Sanctuary was built in 1595, and after various restorations, in 1799, it took its present shape.
Mount Capanne
This mountain is 1019 meters high and is therefore the highest of the island. It is situated in the west part of the island and can be reached on foot from the village of Marciana through a track marked by the Italian Alpine Organization. There is also a cableway (seasonal openings). Beautiful tourmaline and beryl crystals for collection are extracted from the veins of Mount Capanne.
The beaches
Chiessi (rocks), La Paolina (sand), Patresi (shingle), Pomonte (shingle and rocks), Procchio (sand), Punta Nera (rocks), S. Andrea (sand and rocks), Spartaia (sand).

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