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Pisan Fortress of Marciana

Historical Buildings

Positioned in the highest part of Marciana, the fortress offers a breathtaking view

Built in the 12th century, the Pisan Fortress of Marciana owes its name to the Republic of Pisa, by which it was probably built.

The remains of the fortification stand at the highest part of the village of Marciana and represent a historical landmark for the entire area. Today the original quadrangular plan is still visible, while the addition of four bastions with arrowhead masonry dates back to the 15th century.

Visiting the fortress, it is possible to retrace the patrol path on the walls. From here, the gaze cannot help but get lost admiring the splendid surrounding panorama, which ranges from the peak of Mount Capanne (1019 m) to the blue waters of the Island's coastline.

During summer, the inner courtyard enclosed by the walls hosts cultural events and happenings.

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