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La Querciola

A well-preserved natural area, untouched by man

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Comune di Agliana

Whoever visits this natural area immediately realises the diversity of the landscape compared to the rest of the surrounding plain. In fact, this area has not suffered the transformation that has characterised all of the Pistoia plain since the ‘70s.

Preserved by man’s strong intervention, today it hides an important naturalistic testimony. The mirrors of water and mainly the lakes of Zela and Bigiana are an excellent habitat for numerous species of birds; some make nests, some come to hunt, and many flocks rest here during their travels. Storks, herons, egrets, stilt-birds, marsh falcons all populate the Querciola. Access to the area must be allowed by the Environment Office of the Council of Quarrata.

We recommend you wear suitable clothes for the season (in any case always long trousers) and comfortable, closed walking shoes. Do not forget your binoculars and camera, remembering that the use of the flash is strictly forbidden in order not to disturb the animals.

Info: comunequarrata.it

A reflection of past history: agricultural production, craftsmanship and traditions
Quarrata is the economic and administrative centre of a territory that is divided into two areas that are geographically distinct from one another: the first extends over the northern slopes of the Montalbano; the second, on flat ground coincides with the central part of the Valle dell'Ombrone of Pistoia. ...