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Pisa, Luminara San Ranieri

The University of Pisa Egyptology Collections

This museum is home to collections of archaeological finds from Egypt and Sudan

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The University of Pisa Egyptology Collections (Collezioni Egittologiche dell'Università degli Studi di Pisa) began life 1962 with the donation of the Picozzi collection. The Picozzi collection consisted of a hundred or so archaeological finds and curious ethnographic artefacts brought back from Egypt and Nubia by Gaetano Rosellini. It was subsequently added to in 1964 by the Schiff Giorgini collection which is made up of four hundred items. This collection includes many precious and valuable artefacts which were unearthed during digs carried out by Michela Schiff Giorgini in Soleb and Sedeinga in Sudan. The University of Pisa Egyptology Collections also include Ostraka from Ossirinco and other material from archaeological digs in Egypt.

Opening hours
By appointment only

Entry fee

Disabled access

Contact information
via San Frediano 12, Pisa
Telephone 050-598647; 050 2215579
E-mail silvano@sta.unipi.it

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