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Pratomagno Cross


Symbol of a mountain

The Croce del Pratomagno is a symbol of this famous and fascinating Tuscan mountain that divides the Casentino from the Valdarno. The iron monument is located at 1600 meters, the highest point of the Pratomagno massif. It can be found in the Municipality of Loro Ciuffenna, ten meters from the border with the Casentino municipality of Castel San Niccolò.

The cross was erected in 1928 at the behest of the Congregation of the Third Franciscan Order of Poppi as a tribute to St. Francis on the seventh centenary of his death. It has a square plan structure of 4m x 4m, with an original height of about 21.50m. It's made up of 900 pieces, weighing over 150 quintals.

The monumental cross is clearly visible from almost all of the Casentino and Valdarno given its size, altitude, and the large green area that surrounds it.