E' un punto di riferimento per la comunità locale fin dagli anni '90

The library at Villa Montalvo

This library has been a point of reference for the local community since the 1990s

Via Limite, 15
Villa Montalvo is in the north-eastern part of the local territory, near where the Marina river joins the larger Bisenzio river. The Villa is surrounded by two large historical gardens, a vineyard and a park. The park consists of 19 hectares of green park land and has been open to the local community since the 1990s.
Like so many villas in the countryside around Florence, the Villa Montalvo was originally intended as a country getaway for its noble Florentine owners.
The villa was originally built in the fourteenth century and was owned by the Tornaquinci family who fortified the walls and towers. It then passed into the hands of the Del Sodo family and then the Spinelli family. In 1534 it was bought by a secondary branch of the Medici family who gave it to Antonio de Montalvo in 1570.
It was during the Medici period and the following Spanish period (VVI – XVII centuries) that the Villa was renovated to become what we see today.
The Villa’s most important moments were in the XVIII century when agricultural activity around the Villa was increased. Farming is still done in the Villa’s grounds today. The last descendants of the Ramirez Montalvo family gave up the Villa in 1921 and after changing hands many times it finally became property of the local authorities of the Municipality of Campi Bisenzio in 1984.
Much restructuring work was carried out in the XVIII century and some interesting architectural elements were added to such as the Medieval towers, the internal garden and the well with its lion carved from pietra serena stone.
Another important renovation was completed by the Municipality of Campi Bisenzio in 1998. The Villa covers over 3000sq metres and the library itself takes up 1500sq metres.

Via di Limite, 15
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