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Museum of Sacred Art, San Donnino


In Campi Bisenzio a collection of art and liturgical furnishings from local churches

The Sacred Art Museum in San Donnino is located in the 14th-century loggia and in some halls in the rectory next to the Church of Sant’Andrea, in the Campi Bisenzio municipality, whose foundation dates to the 10th and 11th centuries, although it has been renovated and extended several times. 

The collection preserves, protects and displays the vast treasury of art and history belonging to the two churches of Sant’Andrea and San Donnino, promoting a new look at the places of worship through their close ties with the local area and history. 

The museum ends with 15th-century art in the church: a fresco by Ghirlandaio, a painting by Botticini and a crucifix by Giovanni di Francesco.


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