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Punta Falcone

Broom, phillyrea, rock roses and hotten-figs are brush strokes on the blue background of the sea

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Punta Falcone Park is in the municipality of Piombino, set between the Gulf of Salivoli and Cala Moresca, offers routes of natural and historical interest. 

It is different from the rest of the Val di Cornia for its geological formation and for the presence of a particular volcanic rock that, after an underwater eruption, formed  the Falcone area. 

The Park, dense with vegetation, where colonies of seagulls and cormorants live, is bordered by the Piombino promontory, the bedrock that connects Populonia and the Gulf of Baratti with an enchanting trail (called the ancient Cavalleggeri trail) through Spiaggia Lunga, Cala San Quirico and Buca delle Fate. Punta Falcone has breathtaking views and is also a park which in springtime blooms into an oasis of perfumes and colours. An astronomical observatory run by the Piombino Amateur Astronomers' Association organizes conferences and sky observation events.

The underwater visit of the area is very interesting, due to the beautifulthe Buca del Bove, a natural cave which can only be accessed from the sea.

Cala Moresca
Cala Moresca - Credit: C. D'Aliasi
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Nestled on an evocative promontory across from the Tuscan Archipelago, rich in history and dotted with protected landscapes, Piombino is one of the main cities on the Etruscan Coast. Dating back to ancient times, the area’s first city developed in the prehistoric period, which is why Piombino conserves a significant number of archeological artefacts. ...