L'oasi wwf orti bottagone e montioni - Costa degli etruschi

Orti Bottagone WWF Nature Reserve

Ideal habitat for local and migrating avifauna


These splendid wetlands contain about 100 hectares of marshland, the freshwater Bottagone reed beds, where water lilies, bamboo and marsh orchids grow, and the saltwater Orti marshes. Numerous bird species live here, some nesting and some present only at certain times of the year, including the marsh harrier, stilt plover, red heron, greater white heron, pink flamingo and osprey.

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On a headland facing the Tuscan Archipelago
Piombino, situated on a headland facing the Tuscan Archipelago, has a wealth of interesting history and protected natural areas, making it one of the loveliest areas of the Costa degli Etruschi to explore. ...