Piazza Bovio: una terrazza sul mare
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Piazza Bovio

Visiting one of Piombino’s terrace on the sea

Well-loved by locals for its far-reaching view of the sea, Piazza Bovio is one of the most famous spots in the medieval town of Piombino. Throughout the centuries, this unique square has always served as a natural terrace, that almost appears to connect the continent with the Tuscan Archipelago, particularly Elba Island. When ships take off from the Piombino’s Port, they only truly leave the city, once they have passed this square. Ships returning to the city’s ports must first pass the lighthouse overlooking the square’s farthest side.

Piazza Bovio has been the heart of the city for centuries and it has recently become a top spot for tourists visiting the area. Italy boasts very few natural squares that can be compared to Bovio. The sea has always been a protagonist in the city’s history. In fact, its economic development occurred with the rise of the peninsula’s Marine Republics when the Republic of Pisa transformed this small settlement into one of its most important maritime bases along the Tyrrhenian Sea.  

Locals and guests can enjoy many itineraries starting from the piazza; yet, the city’s nicest stroll is along the seaside—for a few kilometers, you’ll get a direct view of the Chanel. If you go right, you’ll reach Viale del Popolo. Those who turn left, will reach Piazzetta dei Grani, which is currently being restored to its former grandeur. The city’s public administration offices have recently invested in a far-reaching project whose aim is to recuperate much of the down-town area, which also foresees the creation of a museum center.
On a headland facing the Tuscan Archipelago
Piombino, situated on a headland facing the Tuscan Archipelago, has a wealth of interesting history and protected natural areas, making it one of the loveliest areas of the Costa degli Etruschi to explore. ...