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Places of worship

The Baptistery of Saint John

Important works of art like the baptismal font and 15th century frescoes by Vecchietta

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The baptistery was built in 1316-1325 at the base of the apse of the cathedral. The facade, never finished, dates to the second half of the 1300s. The interior, which was finished in 1325, was enriched over the course of the 15th century with important sculptures and paintings.

The most important of these works is the celebrated baptismal font, a masterpiece of the early Tuscan Renaissance, and attributed to Jacopo della Quercia. The basin is hexagonal and decorated with gilded bronze panels depicting scenes from the life of Saint John the Baptist which were executed by Jacopo della Quercia, Turino di Sano, Giovanni dii Turino, Lorenzo Ghiberti, and Donatello, and interspersed by statues of the virtues (Faith and Hope are by Donatello, the others are by Giovanni di Turino and Goro di Neroccio). The ciborium is decorated with four musical angels in bronze by Donatello and Giovanni di Turino and  is mounted by a small statue of Saint John the Baptist and bas reliefs by Jacopo dell Quercia.

Among the other important works in the Baptistery are the statues from the school of Giovanni Pisano, the triptych of the Madonna with Saints and stories from the lives of Saint Stephen by Andrea Vanni and Giovanni di Paolo, the frescoes by Vecchietta and the articles of faith.

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