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TePoTraTos Museum in Monticchiello


The museum dedicated to the tradition of Teatro Povero in the village close to Pienza

The TePoTraTos Museum, an acronym of Teatro Popolare Tradizionale Toscano, in Monticchello is dedicated to the 40 years of Teatro Povero, which has put the peasant civilization at the centre of its drama.

The museum tour, set up in an old 18th-century barn in the town of Monticchiello, allows visitors and viewers to perceive the emotions of the communicative universe made up of sounds, voices, fragments of dialogues, objects and images that remind us of the peasant world.

It’s not a museum about the Teatro Povero but a museum belonging to the Teatro Povero, which presents scenes and images of traditional Tuscan theatre while at the same time paying homage to the farming and peasant civilisations, their entertainment and their world of popular poetry in which they often covertly expressed a desire for a fairer, more open and inclusive society.

Teatro Povero di Monticchiello
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