Siena, il Palio

Siena, The Valdimontone Contrada Museum

This museum tells the history of this district through the banners won in various Palio races


The Valdimontone Contrada Museum (Museo della Contrada del Valdimontone) is housed in a building designed in 1974 by Giovanni Michelucci and built after his death in 1997 by Bruno Sacchi. The museum is next to the oratory of the Santissima Trinità which dates back to the start of the sixteenth century and which is home to some very interesting examples of Mannerist and Baroque decorations. The museum includes the church of San Leonardo, a twelfth century building which has been renovated several times over the centuries. The last major renovation was when the façade was redone in a Neo-Classical style in 1822.

The museum is split into two sections. The first is the oratory of San Leonardo, an ancient building which has undergone many alterations over the centuries, including renovation work by Giovanni Michelucci. Here, there is an exhibition of the costumes and other items belonging to the contrada. A second part of the museum is housed in a series of rooms designed by Michelucci and opened in 1997 which contain a display of the Palio banners won by the contrada in various Palio horse races over the years.

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Where not a single stone has changed down the centuries
Siena shines perfectly from a distance in its medieval magnificence. The three hills amid which the city rests rise up like an idyllic film set, the old boundaries soften like the past into a countryside that sometimes still seem like the scene painted by Ambrosia Lorenzetti in the Allegory of Good Government in the halls of Siena's city hall. ...