Photo © Flavia Cori
Hamlets, districts and squares

Piazza Santo Spirito

In the Oltrarno district, one of the most beautiful and lively squares of Florence, dominated by the facade of the basilica designed by Brunelleschi

Basilica di Santo Spirito
Basilica di Santo Spirito - Credit: Flavia Cori
Basilica di Santo Spirito
A stunning city where you will lose yourself in the art, history, fashion and traditions of Tuscany
No one plans a visit to Tuscany without planning a visit to Florence: the city of the lily is a treasure trove of artistic treasures and the centre of a fervent vitality. Aside from its exceptional heritage of art, bearing witness to its centuries of civilisation, Florence can be enjoyed in so many ways: promenading along the enchanting riverbanks at sunset, entering the bohemian alleys of ...
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