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Stefano Bardini Museum


Many antiques on display in Florence

In 1881, Stefano Bardini, a prominent antiquarian and collector, commissioned a neo-classical palace – in which building materials and monumental items from churches and noble residences were also employed – to house a museum for his collection of sculptures, paintings, furniture, ceramics, tapestries, arms and musical instruments.
With some changes to the structure and the addition of some authentic architectural elements such as tympanums, portals and stairs, the antiquarian Bardini transformed the old building, once the church and convent of San Gregorio della Pace, into a charming neo-Renaissance palace suitable for housing not only the exhibition gallery but also a series of laboratories where the works of art were restored, ready to be sold.
After years of intense business activity, he decided to transform his collection into a permanent exhibition and donate it to the City of Florence: thus the Stefano Bardini Museum was born.
Among the works, which range from the Roman age to the 18th century, are pictorial and sculptural masterpieces, such as Carità by Tino di Camaino, Madonna del Cordai by Donatello, a beautiful terracotta by Della Robbia, Pietro Tacca's Porcellino (from the famous fountain) and San Michele Arcangelo (St. Michael the Archangel) by Antonio del Pollaiolo.
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