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Palazzo Pitti
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Gallery of Modern Art in Florence

Collection of artistic heritage from the 1800s to the early 1900s belonging to the City of Florence and the Italian State

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The Gallery of Modern Art is located on the second floor of Palazzo Pitti in Florence, from which visitors can enjoy a spectacular view of the Boboli Gardens. The museum conserves paintings and sculptures from the end of the 1700s to the early 1900s. In the richly decorated rooms, previously home to the Lorraine and Savoy families, the works of art on display highlight the evolution of Tuscan art from the Neoclassical, Romantic and Purist periods to the anti-academic reform established by the Macchiaoli and based on a style of painting characterized by stains of colour and contrasts of light with predominant attention on nature and daily life.

"Paesaggio di marzo" by Giovanni Fattori
"Paesaggio di marzo" by Giovanni Fattori

Among the works on display are Antonio Canova’s Calliope, paintings by Giovanni Fattori, leader of the Macchiaoli, including his famous landscapes of the Maremma and a self-portrait, and works by other members of the Macchiaoli, like Telemaco Signorini and Silvestro Lega. The Gallery is also home to portraits by Giovanni Boldini, the statue of Abel by Giovanni Duprè and Neoclassical works by Pietro Benvenuti and Giuseppe Bezzuoli.

Info: uffizi.it

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