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Sacred Art Museum of Buriano


The ecclesiastical treasures of the area

A few steps from the Rocca di Buriano, whose oldest parts date back to the twelfth century, we find the Museum of Sacred Art which since 2007 has preserved and exhibited works from the churches of Buriano, including eighteenth-century ex-voto paintings that recall the miracles of the saint patron San Guglielmo and the Beata Libertesca.

An interesting section is dedicated to sacred jewelery and an eighteenth-century painting depicting the Eucharist. Some sacred fabric vestments are part of the collection, including a 17th century damask silk cape, a series of valuable sacred volumes, furniture and silver furnishings from the town's parish church, as well as objects that are used for the procession dedicated to San Guglielmo.

Finally, the museum also preserves a relic: a bone of the saint held inside a precious silver reliquary in the shape of an arm and dated to the 18th century.