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Museum of Sacred Art in San Gimignano


Home to works coming from the Collegiate Church and other churches in the territory

The Museum of Sacred Art in San Gimignano is housed in the ancient Dormitorio dei Cappellani and brings together works coming from the Collegiate Church as well as convents and churches throughout the territory. The collection includes canvas paintings, sculptures, terracotta works, textiles and silvers.

The 14th-century wooden sculptures of the Announcing Angel and the Madonna are splendid, as is the panel painting by Bartolo di Fredi depicting the "Madonna of the Rose", a surviving fragment of a triptych, one of the most elegant works by the Senese painter, coming from the parish church of San Biagio in Cusona. In the same room, visitors can admire the large altarpiece by Fra Paolino da Pistoia, which depicts the "Madonna and Child with Saints".

Also impressive are a polychrome wooden statue portraying Saint Anthony the Abbot from the early 1400s, a work by Francesco da Valdambrino, and the "Crucifixion with saints", a detached fresco by Benozzo Gozzoli.

In the room with sacred décor, visitors can admire an exquisite enamelled crucifix from the early 1400s and other elegant examples of goldworking, while in the room with vestments, there are antependiums, chasubles and other liturgical vestments of high craftsmanship dating to the 17th and 18th centuries, as well as the Paliotto delle Colombe d'Oro, an incredibly rare example of 15th-century textile arts.

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