Palazzo dei Priori di Volterra

Palazzo dei Priori

It is the oldest municipal building in Tuscany


Palazzo dei Priori is located in the square of the same name. The building belonged in the 13th century to Ildebrando Pannocchieschi, a Palatine Count. Today the building is very different from its original design and layout. For example, the façade is different and so is the clock and tower. The coat of arms of the Florentine Commissioners that later governed the city were added in the following century. In addition to the main entranceway, there were in the past two other doors and a loggia from which the podestà authority spoke to the populace.

The decision to construct a building to host the municipal administration was a purely political decision because there were already many buildings available in the city. This building was meant to be a symbol of the consolidation of the local authorities and institutional credibility of the municipality. Even its location is not by chance, because it was built near the bishop’s residence, confirming the desire by authorities to affirm the power of the local administration among the populace and other local and regional powers: all of those powers that sought to curb the growth of the local institution.

In 2000, the building was opened to the public. A number of documents, coats of arms, paintings and sculptures are displayed inside the palazzo to chronicle the history of the building and the city of Volterra.

Opening hours: March 16 to November 2: every day from 10:30am-5:30pm.
November 2 to March 15, Saturday and holidays from 10am-5pm.

Price: 1 euro

Disabled access: No

Piazza dei Priori
Tel. 0588-86150



Situated on a tall hill, Volterra is one of the oldest towns in Tuscany
It is an Etruscan settlement with finds that date back to the IX century BC. Worth a visit are: Palazzo dei Priori, the oldest public building in Tuscany and the remains of the large Roman theatre built around the birth of Christ. ...