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Toscano Tower-House

Historical Buildings

One of the oldest tower-houses of Volterra

Toscano Tower-House is a group of towers at the intersection of Via Matteotti and Piazzetta San Michele in Volterra, built by Giovanni Toscano treasurer of King Renzo of Sardinia. The tower-house consists of two buildings, an older one with a square plan and a later one, with an L-shaped plan, surrounding the older tower. We don't know exactly when the first tower was built, but the second tower was built in 1250, and the date of its construction is known thanks to an epigraph on the facade that testifies to its construction.

The architectural differences between the two structures are notable, starting with the openings, which are few and smaller for the older phase and more numerous and larger for the newer one. The tower is visible from the outside and is occasionally opened to the public for a fee.

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