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Ecomuseum of Alabaster

A collection of archeological artifacts, sculptures and hand-made objects in alabaster

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via dei Sarti, 1, Volterra

The museum is located in the 13th-century Minucci Towers, which are near Piazza dei Priori and the most important square in Volterra. The Ecomuseum is an environmental museum that connects the places where alabaster has been extracted, worked and sold over the years. It is distributed over three municipalities (Castellina Marittima, Santa Luce and obviously Volterra), each with its own exhibition centre.

The exhibition centre in Volterra is dedicated to the history of alabaster in the area, and especially to alabaster working and trade. It shows how alabaster has been used through the centuries, from the Etruscan age until today. Divided in three sections, the first one showcases working techniques, the second chronicles the history of alabaster production and the third displays objects made in alabaster by contemporary artisans.

The most noteworthy objects are the cinerary urn in alabaster from the Etruscan age, two capitals which are the only objects in alabaster from the Middle Ages, a selection of medallions in alabaster by Albino Funaioli and several artworks by local artist Raffaello Consortini.

Info: volterratur.it

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