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Museo di Paleontologia, Poggibonsi

Museum of Paleontology - Poggibonsi

A collection of fossils, artifacts, casts and dioramas

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The museum is located in the medieval Palazzo Pretorio and was opened thanks to the initiative of the volunteer group Laboratorio "F.C. Marmocchi" with the support of the city of Poggibonsi.Its goal is the study and dissemination of paleontological, archeological, and ecological information about the local territory. The museum has four sections dedicated to Paleontology, the Evolution of Man, Archeology and Natural History. It displays fossils, including marco and micro fossils which can be examined with a magnifying glass; skeletons of whales, horses and manatees; the “Cucule di Staggia” tomb with the skeletal remains of two adults and a child; and dioramas of Poggibonsi in the Middle Ages.


Opening hours: Week days 4pm-7:00pm with an appointment.

Free entrance

Partially accessible for wheelchair users.

Via F.C. Marmocchi 2
Ph: +39 0577 9861 (URP)


A land of fortresses and castles cloaked in legends
Poggibonsi, the Valdelsa, has ancient origins, and it doesn’t take long to see this when you get to town. The area is abundant in traces of history, parish churches, imposing castles and fortresses, all just a short walk from the modern atmosphere of a city. Immersed in a park, you’ll find the Poggio Imperiale Fortress, built on the commission of Lorenzo the Magnificent but never completed. ...