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Mount Labbro Nature Reserve

Naturalistic attractions

A park in the heart of Mount Amiata

Mount Labbro (or Labro) is located on the southwestern slope of Mount Amiata and the Nature Reserve covers more than 650 hectares in the municipality of Arcidosso, between the Zancona Stream and its left tributary Onazio canal, to the north, and the Albegna River, to the south. The entire territory is mid-mountain, with elevations such as the mountain of the same name, which reaches 1190 meters.

The reserve is characterized by sparse tree vegetation, limited to the area of the Onazio Stream, with Turkey oaks, chestnut trees, elms, hazels and maples. Chestnut groves are mainly found on the northern slope of Mount Labbro, where they occupy an area of about 60 hectares.

The fauna is represented by countless species, including mammals, such as the wild cat, skunk, marten and badger. Here it is possible to see the short-toed eagle, honey buzzard, common buzzard, harrier and lanner falcon. Birds of prey are also joined by the blue rock thrush, rufous-tailed rock thrush, wheatear and alpine accentor.

Giurisdavidica Tower on Mount Labbro
Giurisdavidica Tower on Mount Labbro - Credit: Flavia Cori

Of note, on the summit of Mount Labbro, are some buildings of historical and cultural importance, dating back to the Giurisdavidico (Jurisdavidism) movement of Davide Lazzaretti.

Also within the Reserve is the Mount Amiata Wildlife Park, which occupies 120 hectares and is a “Wild Park” on the German model, with animals in free-range conditions. Among the guests are deer, fallow deer, mouflon and specimens of chamois and roe deer; from the observation pens, lucky visitors can also spot the Apennine wolf.