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Poggio all'Olmo Nature Reserve

Naturalistic attractions

Surrounded by incredible greenery, the reserve boasts a spectacular view of the Mount Amiata volcano

The Poggio all’Olmo Nature Reserve, 400 hectares in size, is located between the municipalities of Cinigiano and Arcidosso, in the province of Grosseto, and extends between the upper part of the Ribusieri stream, a tributary of the Orcia, and the hills of Poggio all’Olmo, Poggio Materaio and Poggio la Torretta.

This oasis of nature stands between 800 and 1,000 metres above sea level, and for this reason, some parts of the reserve offer a unique view of the Ombrone Valley, Mount Amiata and the rolling Val d’Orcia. The flora is a characterizing element of the reserve: dense forests of black pine, silver fir and chestnut trees, including many veteran trees, alternate with large meadows and shrubbery, where broom and some types of ferns grow, as well as the extraordinary purple toadflax and Etruscan violet.

Atop the Poggio all’Olmo is an almond-leaved pear tree 10 metres tall, one of the veteran trees that visitors can find throughout the area, along with walnut and chestnut trees. Wildcats populate the reserve, while some of the birds present include birds of prey like the peregrine falcon and the sparrowhawk.

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