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Poggio all'Olmo Nature Reserve

The area offers exciting views of the Monte Amiata Volcano

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The Poggio all’Olmo Nature Reserve extends for 400 hectares and is located in the Province of Grosseto on the high side of the Ribusieri Stream, a tributary of the Orcia River. It surrounds the peaks of Poggio all’Olmo, Poggio Materaio and Poggio la Torretta. Its altitude ranges from 800 to 1,000 meters and it offers extraordinary views of the Ombrone Valley, the volcanic Monte Amiata and the sinuous Val d’Orcia.

In this oasis, you’ll find lush black pine forests, chestnuts and fir in addition to broom, various types of fern, Etruscan violets and other flowers that grow in the calcareous soil typical of the mountains of southern Tuscany. On the peak of Poggio all’Olmo, you’ll find a ten-foot tall pear tree; it’s one of the monumental specimens you’ll see in the area, along with walnut and chestnut trees that are various centuries old.

The oasis also hosts a wide range of animal species such as the rodent-hunting wild cat, hares and wild rabbits. There are many birds in the area including diurnal birds of prey like the Pilgrim Falcon and the hawk. Thanks to its ample water supply, it is home to amphibians like the spectacled salamander and the yellow-bellied toad. In spring and summer, the area hosts several species of butterflies and bees.
A village located on a hill that slopes down from Mount Amiata
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